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The puppies grow up with their mother in a space reserved for them, up to the age of two months, during this period they are weaned and they form the basis of the character. They receive "lessons learned" from their mother (in this Maremma females are very good), they grow in group with the other pups and through the games they learn with each other and develop in a natural way the base of the character. Gradually we introduce them to the young and adult dogs in order to integrate them with the group.

The puppies are regularly wormed with a vermifuge that contrasts different types of parasites and they will be vaccinated at the end of the second months with a heptavalent vaccine that covers the main risks of infection.Following a recall should be done and at this point the coverage applies throughout the first year.

From the third month we begin to encourage socialization in puppies, teaching them to go on a leash, to go for walks by foot and by car, to meet other people and other dogs, in essence, to accustom them to live in different situations and environments.

This is called: primary socialization (toward other dogs), secondary socialization (to other species, including humans) and environmental familiarization (different environments and situations). With this system, they will grow into self-confident dogs but without unnecessary aggressiveness.

Our puppies will be delivered after they have reached a minimum of 60 days, provided with:

* Vaccination booklet with the given dates of vaccinations and deworming done already
* Microchip, the number that will be reported in all clinical records and pedigree (eventually passport, if requested)
* Registration at the Italian animal health department
* Puppy kit with the necessary food for the first meal in their new homes
* Pedigree

The pedigree will not be delivered directly with the puppy. It will be send by post directely to the new owner if abroad, if the new owner lives in Italy he will recieve a postal notice or SMS from ENCI to withdraw the pedigree at the nearest ENCI delegation. In both cases the pedigree will arrive after around 3 or 4 months.

If the puppy must travel abroad, we will provide all necessary documents, the European Pet Passport and the vaccinations for the trip. Please verify your countries import rules for pets and we will take care of the rest!