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There are many ways to travel with your puppy, by car, ferry boat, train or by plane when the distance is too long for travelling by car.

When travelling by car, we suggest to keep the puppy close to you, especially when the puppy is very young. For example on the floor between the legs of one of the passengers and not alone in the car trunk, in order for him to get less car sick.
A puppy travelling by car in Italy must be microchipped, have a health booklet and be registered in the "Anagrafe Canina" that is the offical Italian database for dogs.

For travelling in Europe the puppy must have a European Pet Passport, and the following requirements are necessary to obtain it:

- microchip
- be registered in the "Anagrafe Canina" (only for puppies born in Italy)
- rabies vaccinated (the puppy can not be rabies vaccinated earlier than at the age of 12 weeks)
- The dog can travel 21 days after the rabies vaccination
- For some countries it is necessary a treatment against echinococcus, to be down 5 days to 24 hours before travelling, for an example this rule applies to UK, Finland, Sweden etc
- health certificate registered in the passport maximum 7 days before arriving in the in the new country
- Furhter informations are available on the following Italian governement webpage: www.salute.gov.it or you probably can find information on the Ministry of Agriculture of your country.

There are some European countries that accept puppies younger than 16 weeks without the rabies vaccination. You can check if your country accepts young puppies on the following homepage: www.ec.europa.eu under the section called YOUNG ANIMALS.

Travelling by plane with your dog

Almost all airlines accepts pets onboard, eventhough there is no general common rule for transporting dogs and cats by the passenger, therefore we suggest you to contact the choosen airline in order to get their requirements for transporting your puppy.

A Maremma Sheepdog puppy at the age of 4 months is to big to travel in the cabin together with you, his weight will be approximately 20 kg and he must therefore travel in the aircraft hold, in a special pressurized room for cats and dogs. You must book the space for the puppy at the same time as you book your ticket, as there are limited space available for dogs and not on all flights.

It is also necessary to provide a Iata omologated crate of the right size for your puppy (L o XL for a Maremma puppy), as for an example the VARI KENNEL crate, accepted by all airlines. Before buying the crate please ask us the correct size considering the age of you puppy! You should also provide a bowl for water to hang on the crate, and if the trip is very long a bowl and some dry food.

We strongly discourage giving tranquilizers or similar to your puppy during the flight, it can be dangerous and if something happens nobody can assist him.
Normally the Maremma Sheepdog does not suffer from air travel and during the flight he will sleep in his crate.
In order for your puppy to get gradually used to the crate, a few days before the trip you can put the crate in a quiet corner of the house where the puppy can rest without being disturbed.

For travel by train or by ferry boat, we recommend you contact the chosen transport company in order to get the necessary requirements for brining the puppy with you.

For travel to countries outside Europe we recommend you to check the rules for importing dogs from Italy, this information are normally available on the governement websites, such as the Ministry of Agriculture, Foreign Affairs or Health. If your flight makes stop overs it also is necessary to verify the rules of that country. You can find more information on the Iata home page concering air travel and country rules: www.iata.org/whatwedo/cargo/live-animals/pets/pages/pets-countries-regs.aspx.

Shipping the puppy

We can organize the transport of your puppy to his new home, in Italy by car and abroad by airplane. This last solutions is rather expensive as it is mandatory in Italy to appoint a shipping company specilized in trasport of live animals. The rules are the same as above, the only difference is that they are more severe concerning the crate size, that must leave 8 cm above the head and on all sides when the dog is standing. For further instructions: www.iata.org/whatwedo/cargo/live-animals/pets/pages/index.aspx.