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Our aim is to breed dogs with good health, a balanced temperament and the characteristic beauty typical for this breed. We want our dogs to guard and maintain the character of the breed, but at the same time also be very social, that is, to be good family members and not become a source of problems and to be able to integrate well in the environment where they will live.
Therefore, we try to favor its growth in the most natural way possible, without forcing neither under the physical aspect nor the character. Our dogs lives all free together in groups and not in boxes, this is very important for a correct development of the carachter.We make only few litters per year in order to try to pursue good quality puppies/dogs.

The puppies grow up with their mother in a space reserved for them, up to the age of two months, during this period they are weaned and they form the basis of the character. They receive "lessons learned" from their mother (in this Maremma females are very good), they grow in group with the other pups and through the games they learn with each other and develop in a natural way the base of the character. With this system, they will grow into self-confident dogs but without unnecessary aggressiveness.

The puppies are regularly wormed with a vermifuge that contrasts different types of parasites and they will be vaccinated at the end of the second month with a vaccine that covers the main risks of infection. Following a recall should be done and at this point the coverage applies throughout the first year. After all this and from the age of two months our puppies can be adopted by new owners.

From the third month, with dogs that stays with us, we begin to encourage socialization in puppies, teaching them to go on a leash, to go for walks by foot and by car, to meet other people and other dogs, in essence, to accustom them to live in different situations and environments (in the same manner, we invite new owners to do the same).

For the first year the puppies are fed with a high quality dry food until they complete good part of the physical development. We don't force the growth of the dogs, both because this breed has a fairly slow growth, but also because the development should remain as natural as possible. We believe that a dog that grows in the best way as an adult will be well-formed and will not have health problems.

After the first year, we use a Maintenance dry food, as this breed does not need a particularly nourishing feeding and at the age of a year and a half all of our dogs are hips and elbows x-rayed to make sure that they have no joint problems such as dysplasia.

After the age of 20 months our dogs goes through the Morphological and Character Test organized by the CPMA (the official Italian Maremma Sheepdog Club ) in which they are examined by specialist judges, measured in detail and evaluated both in terms of physical and character.

After these tests our dogs can start to be mated and to have puppies.