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My name is Francesco Zanghi and I am breeding Maremma Sheepdogs since more than 10 years together with my swedish wife Carina Robertsson, that has brought in our breeding the precision and organization that characterizes Swedish people.
We got our first two Maremma Sheepdogs back in 1993 and we fell in love with these dogs at the first sight and since then we have had only Maremma Sheepdogs.
Our dogs live all together with us in order to develop a social and balanced temperament and of course because we love to be with them. Our Maremma Sheepdogs live all free and not in kennels, this is very important so they can freely express their character and interact between themselves, something that no human being can teach them.
We take often our dogs with us in different environments, in the city, in the mountains, the sea, at dogshows and often even on vacation with us, of course not all together though!

My dog preparation follows the ENCI and FCI indications concerning morpho-functional characteristics and i also pursue studies and research on the behavior, temperament and the mind of the dog with special reference to cognitive and social functions.
I am convinced that Maremma Sheepdogs must maintain the skills and abilities that have distinguished them for centuries as excellent livestock guardians, but also that they should have the possibility to develop their own individual characteristics. Maremma Sheepdogs have shown, if properly supported, the ability to fit very well in many different contexts, not only guarding sheeps.

Here follows my dog CV:
- My Kennel is recognized by FCI & ENCI with the affix (name) "del Montelarco".
- I can represent ENCI at the italian official dogshows (Delegate).
- I am a FCI/ENCI judge for Maremma Sheepdogs and other shepherds breeds and for the character test CAE1
- Breeder partner of ENCI.
- Member of the local Roman Kennel Club, "Kennel Club Roma"
- Member of the Italian Maremma Sheepdog Club "Circolo del Pastore Maremmano Abruzzese" and the Russian Shepherds Italian Club "Associazione Italiana Pastori Russi".

Courses and seminars in which I participated:
- Master in dog breeding, held by ENCI.
- Dog Educator at SIUA Institute.
- Dog Instructor at SIUA Institute.
- "Functional and Morphology of dog breeds" seminar by Mario Canton.
- Theoretical and practical stage "Behavior of guard and defense dogs" by ACAMP.
- "Dog Mating" by the University of Teramo.
- "Seminar on dog mating and dog weaning" by Royal Canin.
- "Puppy's behavior and the different developmental stages" by ANMVI.
- "Learning and Teaching Cognitive Techniques" by the SIUA Institute.

Results obtained by our dogs:
- Flaminia is a Special Reproducer. Probably she was the first Maremma Sheepdog that obtained this title by ENCI.
- Asia, Emma, & Ombra are Special Reproducer.
- Rubino, owned by my wife, is a Special Reproducer.
- Sale, Flaminia, Fiero and Rubino are all Reproducer Champions
- Fiero is Italian Veteran Champion and World Veteran Champion 2018
- Berenice is World Junior Champion 2018
- Ombra was the Cruft winner 2017, best female in the breed at the most famous dogshow in the world, Birmingham, UK
- Rubino, Remo and Ombra are International Champions of Beauty
- Fiero is Dutch Champion of Beauty
- Rubino and Ombra are both Champions of San Marino
- Euro and Rubino are both Italian Champions of Beauty
- Basco, Rubino, Remo and Ombra and Berenice are all Italian Junior Champions
- Alba, owned by Elena Vozhova, has obtained the following titles: Russian & Estonia Junior Champion. Russian, Bielorussia, Finish and Estonian Beauty Champion.
- Fiero and Rubino passed the CAE1 (socialization) test. Fiero was probabily the first Maremma Sheepdog to do this test
- I have participated with two of our dogs at the ACAMP test for guardian sheepdogs with livestock animals. You can see the videos in our Video Gallery