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Dolce del Montelarco,
owner Nathalie Mathot, Belgium
Brezza del Montelarco,
owner Kennel Villa Maremma,
Isabel & Fabrizio Guglielmi, Portugal

Multi CH. Alba del Montelarco,
owner Kennel Severnoe-Allegro
E. Vozhova, Russia
Spino del Montelarco, owner Shlomo Belleli

Ester with her Maremmas protecting her
Amelia, Ginestra e Gioia del Montelarco,
owner Therese Hemberg, Sweden
Orzo del Monelarco with his owner
Alla Gulaya, Ucraine

Falco del Montelarco
on the beach with Elena, owner
Elena Rossi & René Meyers, Luxemburg
Brando del Montelarco
owner Robb Kimmer, UK

Perla del Montelarco,
owner Carlota Solares, UK
Caio del Montelarco
owner Kennel Villa Maremma,
Isabel & Fabrizio Guglielmi, Portogallo

Sacha del Montelarco with Regine
owner Jean Luc & Regine Royer,
Lasko del Montelarco with Celiné
proprietari Celiné & Eric Bartholin Attard

Dedica a Luce, da parte della sua proprietaria Cath Andrews

She nibbles my feet and eats my clothes; she steals our food,
Nero's food, the chickens' food and my slippers; she guards our chickens,
my sister's donkeys, our greyhound and our bed; she loves sausages, pizza,
socializing, sheep and sleeping on the settee; she hates pine martens,
the swimming pool, getting in the car and doing what she's asked.
She's naughty, she's nice, she's gorgeous, she's cuddly, she's usually muddy;
she's a handful and a trial and a challenge - and we wouldn't swap her for the world.
Luce, our Maremma, is two years old today.
Thank you to Allevamento del Montelarco for trusting us with this amazing giant puppy
- and happy birthday, Looch!,