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The Maremma Sheepdog is a breed that doesn't require particulare sophisticated nutrition and generally does not tend to get fat. It is preferable to choose a quality dry food instead of homemade food, nutrition must be balanced in its nutrients and unless you are an expert don't try improvised solutions.

An adult dog eat approximately 500 g per day of dry feed of the type "maintenance" for large dogs, divided in two daily meals. In an adult dog it is more dangerous an excess of food than poor nutrition, a ration too rich could cause problems like stomach torsion, a disease that affects large dogs and that is often a cause of death. That is why our dogs eat twice a day instead of one and use a dry food and not fermentable.

The quantity and type of feed required varies also according to other factors, if our dog carries out physical activity or not, the time of year, for example; in winter if it's cold you should give it a richer feed, while in summer it is preferable to choose a lighter one. It is preferable that near the meal the dog do not drink too much water. Occasionally you can add to your meal a bit of corn oil that is good for the coat, dry bread that cleans the teeth and sometimes a rewarding bone!

During the day the dog should always have fresh water (not freezing) into his bowl.

From being a puppy, and up to the age of 15 months the Maremma Sheepdog requires a richer diet in order to devolop in to an adult dog in the best way, therefore we suggest to use a high quality feed for puppies and Junior large/giant breeds, the daily feed quantity varies depending on the age of the puppy. Initially, at the age of 2 months the puppy will eat three meals a day and then around the fourth month go over to two meals a day. It is important not to overfeed your puppy that could damage the skeleton which is not yet consolidated and it could jeopardize the correct growht of the puppy, this obviously does not mean either leaving the puppy too thin.
Being a large breed dog its growth must be slow and steady and definitely a high quality food is preferable. The male completes its development around 3 years while the female around 2 years.
A senior dog tend to move less and the metabolism changes with age, therefore he needs a less rich food. There are many suitable nutrition made especially for senior dogs.